Monday, August 12, 2013

Bienvenue à Kabeela!

Kabeela has been very busy lately with the preparation and hosting of an ambassador from the Japanese embassy in hope to secure funding for a cereal bank. This investment is essential for the fight against malnutrition; an ailment that affects a large majority of the local population, notably children as well as ensuring food security. This project would enable the inhabitants of Oubritenga, a province of the Central Plateau region with an estimated population of over 250,000, to create revenue and become self-sufficient. In addition to the cereal bank a cooperative shop will be built to sell produce made from the millet and aid revenue for the province.

Tanti Suzanne, our President, organized a big celebration including traditional music and Mossi dancing, a buffet and speeches in order to welcome the ambassador. The day went extremely well and bought together all the volunteers that work for Kabeela including the animators who work on the awareness of health and literacy in the villages of Oubritenga. We now wait for the Japanese embassy to arrange their finances and the project can hopefully start within the next few months.

The following day Kabeela also hosted the 60th Anniversary of International Service. All the partner organisations based in Ouagadougou and their international and national volunteers arrived to help celebrate the occasion. The morning of speeches, selling products made by the organisations and dancing was followed by a women’s football match between the women of Kabeela and the female IS volunteers epitomised this great partnership as everyone played in great spirit and about half of Ziniaré, the children especially turned up to watch this event. Afterwards the IS international and national volunteers played a rather competitive match which was great for the spectators and ended in a penalty shoot-out. It certainly ended what was a great celebration.

Happy 60th anniversary, I.S

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