Monday, August 12, 2013

Environment Club

One of the main activities at Kabeela is the making of bracelets from recycled magazines. The women hand make the paper beads which are then strung together into bracelets.

The women making the beads

Some of the bracelets sold at the 60th Anniversary of I.S

We sold the bracelets, along with the other products made at Kabeela, Shea butter, Soumbala balls and Bogolon material, at the International Service 60th anniversary party – a chance to showcase the products to both local and international customers.

We also held a session on climate change awareness for the women at Kabeela. The main focus was the cause and effects of pollution and deforestation. We created an interactive session through role plays –who doesn’t love pretending to be a tree… - and introduced the women to the ‘What Am I’ game, climate change style. 

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