Friday, August 23, 2013

Pour les uns qui voyagent...

We were invited to attend a cultural exchange day at Centre Jeunes here in Zinaré on Wednesday 21st August by Allison, a fellow Nasara.
Because there was going to be a lot of people from different cultures attending, we were told to bring a dish of our choice to represent our country.
After MUCH deliberation, we decided upon egg fried rice (in keeping with my Asian roots), however this soon became kedgeree after realising that cooking pots simply can't be used to fry large quantities *Note to self; start carrying a wok*, as well as egg sandwiches... These actually turned out to be more popular than expected!

We also decided to use this opportunity to showcase some of Kabeela's products, bringing Shea Butter, bracelets and the crochet purses.

The day itself had a good turnout as we were ushered towards awaiting wooden benches set in a circle in a small glade at the heart of the Centre Jeunes. The afternoon definitely had a certain summer-camp, bonfire-and-marshmallows atmosphere about it due to the set up... and the plethora of scouts dispersed amongst the group.

Don't let the pretty pink tupperwears deceive you... there was tô in there

After sharing English, French and African foods (we just can't seem to escape tô), we listened to Joachim Zabramba, the General Director of the Region of Oubritenga, who told us many entertaining stories about his life travels and cultural experiences. After spending 10 years in the US and 5 years in England he certainly had many to share, along with a grounding life lesson; 'when travelling and embracing different cultures, you have to adapt to that culture... they won't adapt to you, but that way you will certainly learn a lot...' - definitely a campfire songs and toasted marshmallows moment.

"DO NOT ask for zaabné* in Newcastle" - Absolutely not, Monsieur Zabramba

*Zaabné is a traditional African dish made out of beans

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