Monday, August 12, 2013


We have held our first theatre club here at Kabeela. This activity was first set up to create a forum whereby the women of Kabeela can discuss and find solutions to the challenges they face in their lives, mainly focusing on gender inequality. We began the evening’s activities with warm up exercises including trusting each other to fall backwards into the other’s arms. We then discussed with them the most important issues they wanted to focus on. They decided on the topics of women at home and the suppression faced by their husbands and that of access to education. All the acting we do with the women is improvised and not scripted so as to promote free dialogue notably because most of the women cannot read or write and so won’t be inhibited by such a structure.  After they have acted the scene for the first time we promote dialogue by means of the forum theatre technique encouraging others to find solutions to the problem that can be acted in the second scene, the spectators are now the spect-ACTORS. We hope to put on a performance for the village soon, also aiding others who are unable to attend the sessions at Kabeela to relate to the issue and see that there is a means to resolve the issue.

Our women practicing a Forum Theatre scene

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