Friday, September 6, 2013

The Dolo Effect

On the 1st Septmber, we went to Koudougou, a town about 1 hour outside of Ouaga, to visit Kabeela's sister organisation of the same name with Tougma, Wilfred, Tanti Suzanne, her son David and 4 members of Kabeela, Helène, Thérèse, Cathérine et Pauline.

As the organisation of Koudougou is relatively young compared to Kabeela, we went to share our knowledge and worl on income generating activities.

Bridging partnerships

We gave Koudougou's women a brief insight into the notions of economics before presenting the products made at Kabeela - Shea butter, bracelets and crochet products along with the most recenty proposed project at Kabeela; the production of Moringa tea mixed with mint and ginger to create a herbal infusion.
We created some initial prototypes post-visit with different flavour combinations and various shaped tea bags to bring along with us. This idea proved to be popular with all of those at Koudougou and Tanti Suzanne, Kabeela's founder, so hopefully his idea will soon be put into production as a new income generating activity!

The whole day was rather relaxed, the majority of it being held under the shade of a tree surrounded by towering millet stalks. Women of all ages attended the presentation, joined by children of varying ages and the chief of the village. 

Before we left, we retired under the tree again, after sharing lunch with all of those who were there, where we were entertained by the women singing together. Whilst we couldn't understand what they were singing about, it was still amazing to see their sense of community and endless energy as they danced with each other. Tradition, or just copious amounts of Dolo, the source was unclear, however it was a lovely end to the day all the same.

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