Friday, October 18, 2013


This week we went to the fields where the members of our association work from 6am – 3pm on crops such as Peanuts, Hibiscus flowers, Millet and Potatoes. After only an hour in the heat we were exhausted so we gained a new profound sense of respect for the women who work so hard in the heat for so many hours, and still manage to make it to Kabeela afterwards to learn more skills.

This week we had full attendance at all three of our clubs. The theatre club focused on helping the women to build trust and confidence in their abilities and we found a lot of initially shy women really came out of their shells and were eager to get involved in all of the activities. After some general warm up acting, we organised a game of FREEZE – asking the women to portray different themes such as money, love and health. The purpose of this was to introduce theatre as a means of discussing issues that affect the women and their communities, so that next week we can start working on the play we would like them to perform in the villages as part of our outreach work in order to raise awareness on health and rights based issues.

In the environmental club we continued with the jewelry making process that we initiated last week and the women were enthusiastic and keen to show us their own design ideas and develop their skills.

Our most successful club this week was definitely the Income Generating Activity (IGA) club, during which we focused on helping the women to manage their money and to work out the costs of production and retail. This is part of our endeavour to make the women more entrepreneurial so that they can sell their products for a fair price independently.

We are feeling really optimistic and inspired this week after our visit to the fields and seeing progress in each of the clubs at Kabeela. Bring on next week !

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