Friday, November 15, 2013

Community Outreach

On Wednesday 13th November, we held our first community outreach programme in the village of Somasi. The overall theme of the programme was child malnutrition and we were introducing the idea of incorporating Moringa as part of a normal diet to stop this problem.
The village of Somasi is about a one hour journey from Ziniare and could actually be defined as being in the middle of nowhere. It was a very rural area indeed. As we pulled into the location we were surprised to see a big turnout, there was at least forty women and nearly an equal amount of children. 
It’s always great to start off any session with personal introductions and this was done in Moore of course. We then proceeded with a questionnaire to test how much the women knew about the Moringa plant and its many nutritional benefits. The participants responded well and were confident in showing off their knowledge. After this came the Moringa documentary to highlight how they could grow the plant and harvest it accordingly. The documentary also showed how Moringa could be used as part of everyday meals and how the plant could be used on a commercial scale. Throughout the thirty minute video there was extra commentary in Moore to help the women to understand the guidance more clearly and also to have any of their concerns or questions answered. The video could be labeled a success; they received the guidance and advice positively. The video helped to give the women a thorough understanding of the plant and all its benefits. To make sure that the women grasped the overall theme of the day, another quiz commenced to serve as a re-cqp of the day. However this time there was an incentive, any lady who answered a question correctly received a sachet of grounded Moringa powder. As you could imagine there was a sudden excitement amongst them to contest for a prize. It was a very impressive display to see and it was also pleasing to knoa that knowledge and understanding had been gained from the programme.
Martine, a lady from Kabeela, distributing Moringa powder

Going back to the overall theme over child malnutrition, the programmed ended with malnutrition measurements of all children under the age of five. The arms of the infant were measured to see if they were in the red zone, yellow zone or green zone. Their personal data and results were recorded for further reference, for when Kabeela re-visit. The children who were measured to be the most malnourished (red zone) were given sachets of Moringa to help push their measurements in a more positive direction.

Measuring the level of malnutrition amongst young children
All in all, it was an insightful day for the women and also another great experience for team Kabeela. Hopefully the next visit will show some improvements in the amount of children in the green zone as a result of Moringa!!

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