Friday, November 8, 2013

Crocheting Training Day

After weeks of planning and contacting different organisations and experts, we were able to secure an expert visit to conduct a teaching class on crocheting techniques for the women of Kabeela. On the 7th November, Kabeela welcomed an expert who specialised who could provide specialist training and insights on crocheting. The overall purpose of the training day was to raise awareness about how in Burkina Faso, the ubiquitous black plastic bag has become a real plague for the environment, so in practice the continuing of this activity by the women can help to eradicate pollution through artistic recycling. Another purpose was to highlight how such a simple material could provide a base for income generating for the women and that if they were trained they could the correct technique of crocheting, the plastic bags could act as an economic outlet for them.
The training day started with an introduction from the expert to her students for the day, in which she explained her background and her previous works and also outlined the day’s activities. The introductions were followed by a questionnaire to test the women’s knowledge of what recycling actually is. The trainer wanted to find out how much the members knew about the processes of recycling and the women were eager to show off how much they knew. Then the women were put into groups and were giving tasks so that could learn further the importance of the concepts of environmental degradation, the importance of the protection of waste systems and information of what eco - systems are and how they work.

The session then became more practical when our expert visitor began to introduce new techniques and new designs to women, she demonstrated ideas that the women received well. The women had an opportunity to show off their new crocheting techniques with plastic of the session, the really grasped the concepts well and completed some impressive art. Towards the latter stages of the session, the expert explained some important concepts for techniques to collecting plastic bags and she also explained the significance of drying the plastic bags according to colour, fresh insight for the women. The session ended with information on the commercialising of any of the products that they ladies make in the future and how the marketing of their products is essential to making it a fruitful income generator!
All in all, it was a very insightful day for the women and it was also a great experience for us as volunteers to partake in. Crocheting is a scheme that needs to be encouraged more for the women as it has a high social and economic return, it could prove to be one of the best means of achieving sustainable development in this and economic growth that is both sustained and sustainable.

Women practicing their crocheting techniques

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