Friday, November 29, 2013

Theatre and training!

Monday: Preparing for outreach work!
The week was spent preparing for the theatre workshop which would take place in a local village. A script was written up and the group practiced and acted out the roles. The play was aimed to get the women thinking and discussing important issues and topics that we know from members of Kabeela affect their communities. The themes we focussed our discussions after the play on included whether girls should go to school, the role of women at home, and the value of income generating activities to women.
We also worked on the production of Moringa tea bags for the alimentation, and editing videos for the website.

Tuesday: Theatre!
The aim of the theatre club was to provide a forum for the women to discuss issues affecting them. There were three scenarios which we acted out; the women watched the sketches and then discussed their view points.

One of the scenarios was centred on religious conflict in our communities in the UK. The women stated that in Burkina Faso it is normal for a couple to marry into different religions and the women would not be forced to convert or change their religion once they have been married. One of the women gave an example of a married couple who were of different religions. She commented that they supported each other in their religious practice. The woman would accompany their husband to the mosque and he would attend church with his wife.

The second scenario under discussion involved a rich business and a poor man who went to ask his manager to give him his allowance early because he needed to pay for his hospital fees for his son. The rich man refused. The women said that it is the same in Burkina Faso; rich men keep very separate from the poor and always refuse to help them. One of the women stated that there was a situation which happened in a family, where a rich brother would not help his poor brother.

The third scenario portrayed a relationship where the women came in from working the fields tired and the husband agreed to cook and to put the children to bed. The women found this scenario amusing. They said it was a good ideal but it would not happen in Burkina society. The man says the work in the house is for the women and the man says he works and brings money for his family. His job is not to feed, educate and look after the children; this is the role of the women. If the women refused to do the duties in the home he could beat his wife or divorce her.  If the woman has children she cannot refuse to cook for them. If the women do not cook for their husbands the men can beat the women and say that they are a bad wife. The woman can be banished from the house and be made to sleep outside.

Wednesday: IGA!

Crocheting was the focus of this weeks income generating activity and the women had an opportunity to practice the skills they had learnt from the expert visit. They split off into groups of their ability. Some of the women were more confident than others. The more confident ladies were able to help, guide and support the women who struggled. The crocheting technique was filmed so that it can be made into a short film to pass on the skill to others in the village. The women were encouraged to make products as they could be sold at the cultural event.

Thursday and Friday: more training!

We were lucky enough to have Ross over from the IS office to help train the women on paper mache techniques and developing their product designs.  The training was a success and had a good attendance rate. The women really enjoyed the session and were able to implement the techniques they had learnt.

The women learnt a range of skills. They learnt how to make beads using sawdust. This helped to make the beads stronger and it makes the product more durable.  He showed the women how to varnish the paper mache with the glue. This improved the colour and quality of the beads.

The women were shown how to make beads from old scraps of cloth. This is an inexpensive way to make colourful beads. The women are able to get the off cut material from local tailors, and use skills which they already had in order to roll and create the beads. Next week they will use the beads to make necklaces, earrings and bracelets to sell.

New product making techniques
Practising new crochet designs
Crocheting talent!

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