Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hello from the new Kabeela team! 

Our cohort consists of the international volunteers Tasha, Jas, Cat and Lucy, as well as the national volunteers Louise and Isso, and we are all led by our team leader Valentina. In addition to this we will of course be working alongside all the welcoming and friendly staff at Kabeela and the women who attend the clubs, events and activities run by the association.

During our placement we will be posting about the work we will be undertaking and we hope that this will provide an interesting insight into our experiences and progress. So, on that note, the following is a brief update about our time here so far. 

After arriving in Ouagadougou we had a week’s induction which, amongst other activities, included learning some French and Mooré and also involved visiting the other projects International Service are involved with in Burkina Faso.

The following week we moved out to Ziniaré and began work the next day meeting the staff and members and just generally familiarising ourselves with Kabeela as an organisation. By reviewing the work undertaken by previous cohorts, we were able to better understand and plan for what needed to be improved or completed in the next 9 weeks.

So in continuation with the existing framework we will be holding the following clubs; Theatre Club, Environment Club and Income Generating Activity Club. Alongside preparing and delivering the aforementioned we will be conducting research into funding, school partnerships and a potential child sponsorship scheme, updating the Kabeela website, assisting with literacy class attendance monitoring, creating a database of members, as well as hopefully opening a co-operative shop and holding an open day in conjunction with International Women’s Day. As you can see there is a lot to do over the next three months and we look forward to sharing it with you!

Thank you for reading. 
Group photo from left to right: Lucy, Tasha, Jas, Cat, Louise, Valentina and Isso. 

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