Friday, January 31, 2014

Week 3: Madame Sachet trains Kabeela members

Yesterday it was a great privilege to be able to welcome Emeline Kabré to run a training session for Kabeela members. Emeline was introducing a crocheting technique to women so that they may turn used plastic bags into sellable goods.

We were all extremely impressed at the products Emeline had made herself by simply using a crochet needle and some old plastic bags. They included colourful bags, make up cases, purses, earrings, bracelets and bowls, as well as laptop, iPad and phone cases. She brought them in to show the other women what they could achieve, but the volunteers couldn’t resist buying a few presents for themselves! :)

Emeline learnt how to crochet with recycled goods from a European women a few years ago. Since then she has started as association to produce crotched products and teach the technique to others. She informed our members that the beginning is not easy and that they should not expect to earn a lot of money straight away. Once they improve their technique however they should be able to make a reasonable sum.

It was great to see how eager Kabeela members were to learn. They made the most of their time with Emeline by asking plenty of questions, such as how long it took to produce an item and where you can source colourful plastic bags to crochet. Emeline then got started with a practical session teaching the women a new crocheting technique. It was amazing to see how quickly some of the women picked it up and how determined they were to produce something useful and pretty.

We’re all looking to see what the Kabeela members end up producing using the technique Emeline taught them during their training session. It’s also certain that some of the international volunteers will not be able to resist buying their colourful and eye-catching recycled products!

If you are interests in Emeline’s work you call her on either of these numbers: 76187487 or 70999101. 

Thank you for reading!

Emeline teaching the crocheting technique

Louise helping with the process of cutting the bags

A few of the women practising their new skills

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