Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 5: Educating a Child

In western cultures it is easy to forget how important the early years of school are. I don't know about you but I often, and unconsciously, take for granted my years of free education. But in Guilongou, due to its cost and the difficult access to school, achieving an education can be a struggle. As a result many women are left unable to work or gain an income because they are having to provide child care whilst the child is not at school.

Last week at Kabeela we focused on expanding our website, spending the majority of our time setting up and developing our child sponsorship scheme. This sponsorship scheme will hopefully  provide between 13 to 15 children with free education for a year. It has been offered to 13 of Kabeela's members because their economic circumstances, amount of children, and/or marital status prevents them from affording to send all of their children to school.

On Monday we met with the 13 mothers and the children who are involved in this sponsorship programme. After discussing the programme we listened to each woman's individual  story. This information enabled us to advance further in setting up the child sponsorship scheme.

The 13-15 children which we hope to be sponsored will learn and practice skills which will prove vital to improving their present and future livelihoods. For example mathematical teaching will enable  the child to help their family's, themselves and others members of their community. It will allow an amount of economic security and the ability to budget, whilst also preventing any exploitation from tax or rent collectors. Whilst literacy skills will enable the child to have a more sustainable income increasing their job choices for the future.

The sponsorship programme will not only give the child access to education, it will also provide them with the ability to continue learning. This will give them further knowledge and allow them to pursue their intellectual interests.

All the children and the mothers are very excited about our scheme and what it offers. They are grateful for the sponsorship programme and what it will mean for the children in the future. This week has fuelled the already growing excitement among everyone involved in creating the scheme.

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