Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 8: Gearing up for International Women’s Day 2014

This year International Women’s Day will mark a huge milestone for Kabeela members. On the 8th March Kabeela will be holding its annual Open Day to show the public its success and progress, in improving the social and economic conditions of women, over the past year.  The day is also dedicated to the launching of Kabeela’s new co-operative shop and of a child sponsorship scheme, which Kabeela staff and members have been busy preparing for.

We have spent the past month preparing the new co-operative shop for its grand opening, turning the premises from an empty shell into a colourful and welcoming space, through much cleaning and painting. Our shop will be filled with recycled and environmentally-friendly products the women have made using techniques learnt at Kabeela, including cosmetic shea butter, bags, jewellery and household accessories made out of crocheted plastic bags and jewellery made from a paper-mâché technique and magazine paper. We hope for a big turn-out and that people will be tempted to purchase items for our shop, to improve our member’s income and financial independence, their self-esteem and presence in the community.

Our national volunteer Isso painting the outside of our co-operative shop

The child sponsorship is also an extremely exciting venture for the association. Kabeela has selected thirteen children, belonging to the poorest of its members, for the opportunity of an educational sponsorship. We hope that such a scheme will provide the children with a brighter and better future and alleviate some of their family’s financial problems. Everyone who attends our Open Day will have a chance to learn more about the benefits of the scheme and even sponsor a child!

Our Open Day will also involve presentations on the work and aims of the association, a theatre performance from the members of Kabeela’s theatre club, musical performances and refreshments. We are sure it will be an exciting day which is beneficial to both the association’s members and the surrounding community. Please join us as we celebrate International Women’s Day 2014 together.

Kabeela’s Open Day 2014 will be from 12h30 until late and will be held at our premises in Guilongou, Ziniaré. All welcome!

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