Monday, March 10, 2014

International Women's Day & Kabeela's Open Day!

Saturday 8th March was a very important day for us at Kabeela, firstly because it was international women’s day, and secondly it was the date of our open day!

Up bright and early at 8:30am, we were all dressed in our official Burkina Faso international women’s day clothes and headed for Ziniaré’s own women’s day parade where we were proud to be joining the Kabeela women. Once we had found our members, we waited for the long array of speeches that followed before we could commence with the march. Finally, an hour after we had arrived (and having become quite sunburnt), we were ready to parade. As we were near the front of the very long line of women’s associations, our section’s march was over in minutes, but we loved every second of it. 

Women parading in Ziniaré town

Sadly we couldn’t stay for the whole procession as we had our open day to host. We had to almost run back to our compound and get ready to cycle the 4km to Kabeela so we could greet our guests. It was a grand affair, with Tantie Suzanne (Kabeela’s president) opening the ceremony with a welcoming introductory speech, leading straight to another awareness raising performance from our theatre group on family planning. The women thoroughly enjoy performing this play for their audiences – and this time they went all out on humorous improvisation of the script, which left the spectators gasping for air.

During the day our guests enjoyed tasty food, refreshing drinks and good company. A short while after the theatre performance we were set to unveil our cooperative shop. Tantie Suzanne (together with IS director Eleonore) had the honour of cutting the ribbon over the doorway, and as soon as the doors were open hordes of people piled in to see what we had in store. 

Tantie Suzanne cutting the ribbon of the shop

The women’s hard efforts paid off as many of our shea butter products, jewellery and crochet accessories were bought. The paper mache jewellery in particular proved very popular with our female customers.

Throughout the afternoon we also had the responsibility of distributing our newly launched child sponsorship scheme leaflets, and the people we managed to speak to were very interested in the scheme, we even managed to get two children sponsored on the spot! Here is the link to our child sponsorship page for those of you who are interested in our new scheme: www.asskabeela.com/?page_id=281&lang=en

The day concluded with a funky Burkinabe band performing popular songs for the rest of the night, where our guests quite literally danced the night away (with a little help from our good friends Brakina and Dolo).

Hope all our female readers had an equally brilliant International Women's Day!
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