Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 9: Sisters are doing it for themselves

Following the tie dying workshop from week 7, Kabeela organised for the Association des Mères Educatrices (women members of the Barkouitenga primary school parents' association) and the Association Ner Wa Ya (women's association from Poa), to come and learn about Kabeela and its activities.

After spending 15 minutes doing ice breakers in order to create a comfortable and friendly environment between the different associations, David (Kabeela's activity coordinator), began by introducing Kabeela's history and aims as an organisation. This was followed by an introduction of the 2 hosted Associations given by their respective presidents and members.

The next talk was lead by the members of Kabeela, the international volunteers and the national volunteers. This talk focused on the different activities and schemes that Kabeela is involved in, describing the IGA club, the environmental club, the theatre club, the child sponsorship scheme and the cooperative shop. After leaving enough time for questions we showed the women our now finished cooperative shop.
The women looking around the shop

We then began our workshop training activities, allowing the Kabeela members to practice their teaching abilities whilst training the members of the other associations on how to create more produce to sell. The aim of this is to share ideas and new income generating opportunities. 

Isso helping the women to paint the pulp beads

The day finished with a couple of interviews to the women who attended the training, in order to find out what were the most beneficial aspects of the day. 

This training day helped to establish further beneficial links between Kabeela and other women's Associations in the Region, creating helpful communal ties.

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