Monday, May 26, 2014

Busy Week!

This week was extremely busy as usual! However, it was definitely time well spent with the women.

A national volunteer, Louise, is explaining the pictures to the women: Like a professional
The Frederick Gough project continued, with training this week on enterprise management, which taught them how to calculate revenue, costs, profits and the importance of saving, borrowing and buying new capital for the long term. We had drawings to illustrate the different aspects to make it easier for the women to follow and to memorise. They were very diligent and it showed through their individual recaps that they had grasped the essentials of those calculations. Although the energy levels dipped a little in the middle of the session, they were soon fully alert after we did the congo and shoulder massages as an energiser.

On Thursday, the secretary of Kabeela, Solange, held a jewellery-making session, using fabric and paper maché beads. The session focused mainly on quality, in order to make the products look more professional. The quality of the fabric beads had already been shown to the women (see the previous blog post for details). It was important for the paper maché beads to be uniform and that they were painted properly. Finally, they were taught how to assemble the beads well, in a way that the colours would work well together. The women seemed to enjoy this session very much and the improvement in their product quality was visible. In the end, the women produced some excellent pieces of jewellery that they should be proud of!

On Friday, we displayed their new products and, with some of the women, we tidied the shop to make it more presentable for the visitors that we are expecting over the weekend. With the new products made from the jewellery-making session and the constant flow of the jewellery produced by the women on a day-to-day basis, the shop is looking beautiful and ready for sales!

Solange showing the women how to make the perfect paper maché beads
The women choosing their beads
One of the finished products
Paper maché beads left to dry

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