Thursday, May 15, 2014

Crochet Away

Diligently learning how to crochet

Every time the women at Kabeela have a little spare time, they would be crocheting. On Tuesday, we had the theatre club, and they were still crocheting away before we began. So the crochet training that we had on Wednesday was something that we could see that they really enjoyed.

Training from 8am until 5pm showed the dedication that they have for crocheting. They also picked it up straight after lunch, without a moments rest. When our hands and eyes were starting to get sore from using the crochet and concentrating so much, the women were soldiering on and it did not seem to be affecting them.

For the training, we invited a trainer to come in to teach them different designs. It was great, because each group of women could choose, from the trainer’s product range, the model/design that they wished to make. 

Group 1 (Hélène)
Group 2 (Thérèse)
Group 3 (Cécile)

The women were able to learn very quickly and picked up the techniques so well that they did not have to keep asking the trainer for help. It is important for the women to learn different designs to increase the product range, so that they can improve their skills and have exposure to new ideas, thereby boosting their creativity. The more creative they are the more independent they can be and the more products they would be able to sell!

It was a shame that they did not have time to finish the products entirely, but they were able to ask questions about how to complete them, so hopefully we will be able to see the finished articles pretty soon!

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