Monday, May 19, 2014

Masters of Fabric and Glue

Trainer Ross explaining the techniques to the women

The beautiful and colourful fabric beads made by the women
Different types of earrings made with fabric

On Friday, the women learnt a new technique that involved newspaper, fabric and glue. At first, they made a fabric collage with the excess fabric that we had collected from the tailor. Then, whilst they were drying, the women made earrings by cutting out a cardboard template and rolling thin strips of fabric around it, securing it with glue. Once the fabric collages were dry, the women were then taught how to cut and roll them uniformly to make fabric beads.

Overall, it was a very successful workshop and the women seemed to enjoy getting stuck in! Hopefully we will be able to continue with this training and have the products on the shelves of our shop very soon!

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