Friday, May 2, 2014

More progress this week!

Women at Kabeela doing a splendid job with a difficult technique in our fabric dyeing workshop
Even though we had a day off for May Day bank holiday, we still managed to achieve a lot this week!

Once again, the women were very enthusiastic in the theatre club, which is always very encouraging. They even showed us a dance for the warm up, which was culturally very interesting and very enjoyable. It turned out to be a successful session, since the women managed to finish the remaining scenes of the play about Malaria, so now all that remains is practice to perfect the performances. The message that runs through the play is that if one suffers from or has any suspicion of having Malaria, immediately consult your doctor before it is too late.

On Wednesday, we had our first training workshop which will act as part of a wider training programme. This programme was implemented as a result of a generous donation from the Frederick Gough School. It consists of three phases, the first phase being the training of fifteen Kabeela women in different income-generating activities; the second being a pilot, where the women teach their skills learnt in training to women in three nearby villages and the third and final stage being an implementation stage, where they train even more women after having learnt from their experience in the pilot stage. All this is with the purpose of making development sustainable. If the women are trained, then they will be able to train other women and empower them through a transfer of skills.

So this week we started our first workshop: fabric dyeing. We were very impressed with how quickly the women picked up the three different techniques that they were taught. One technique showed the concertina effect with the fabric, the second required tying parts of the fabric together almost like knots and the last required a lot of folding and sewing. We were unfortunately unable to start the actual dyeing, since we ran out of time. However, this will resume next week, so we are very much looking forward to seeing the final outcome of the women’s training. We are confident that the fabric will look beautiful.

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