Friday, June 6, 2014

Baark Wuusgo Kabeela!

Our last week of training with the women came too quickly and we are sad to be soon departing from such a wonderful community and great people.

A lot has happened since we arrived at Kabeela, which seems like such a long time ago. We are proud of what we have achieved in the last two months to try to make an impact on Kabeela and the women’s lives. We have done a lot of training with the women, especially with the Frederick Gough proposal, having had trainings on fabric dyeing, on the production of shea body butter, on marketing, on enterprise management and on crocheting. We really hope and have confidence that the next phase of the project, actually teaching the skills that they have learnt to women in other villages, will be brilliant. The theatre club on Malaria and the income generating activities club especially have proved to be popular amongst the women! With Kabeela staff, we have held training sessions on shop management and also on the child sponsorship scheme, speaking of which has been officially launched through relevant marketing strategies. Progress on this is looking very promising, so continue to follow the next cohort’s blogs for more updates on this! We have also created pages on the Kabeela website of all the products that the women have made to reach out to more potential buyers and showcase their hard work. Finally, the Feed the Minds funding proposal has been sent to try to implement a literacy scheme, so fingers crossed this will work out.

Much has happened in the past two months and we really hope that the next cohort will have just as much enjoyment and progress working for Kabeela.

We are all very sad to leave, but we have gained so much from our placement here. It has definitely been an irreplaceable experience. We hope that Kabeela continues to grow and we will definitely keep in touch with what is going on, wherever in the world we may be.

Baark wuusgo for everything!

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