Friday, August 1, 2014

No Way Crochet!

Faced with queues of exuberant women as far as the eye could see, earlier this week Kabeela resembled a bustling Oxford Street on Boxing Day; everyone was waiting to sign up to take part in an initiative to collect plastic bags. This scheme is part of a national campaign to remove the myriads of plastic bags that plague the otherwise sublime Burkinabe countryside. Although, this scheme is undoubtedly a positive change, it also means that the old plastic bags on which Kabeela used to rely for crochet will increasingly become a rare commodity in a country in which recent legislation has banned the production and import of non-biodegradable bags. For more information on this, do read this article: 

The frenzy, however, marked the auspicious start of a new era at Kabeela; as plastic bags no longer provide a material that will maintain the durable craftswomanship for which Kabeela’s products are known, a new material had to be found. The solution to what was becoming an inexorable predicament was proposed by the team leader Katie. Yesterday, Oumar and Callum asked the local tailor for waste fabric to use as our new material for crochet.  

The new material was well received by the women of Kabeela; the old off-cuts will be miraculously transmogrified into all manner of stylish items, such as bags, purses, bracelets, and earrings. We all hope that this triumph for the women of Kabeela bodes well for a whole new product line in the future.

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