Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Not Half Bad

This week marks the halfway point in our Burkina experience and a perfect opportunity to reflect on what we’ve achieved so far. Arriving at Kabeela with the aim to build on existing projects and maybe implement some of our own, we’ve had a lot of work on our hands, but with success after success this week, things are looking good.

The full new range of Kabeela products
Starting with our marketing program, we’ve had a really good week selling on our products to vendors in Ziniaré. Newly packaged with our brand new Kabeela labels, our shea butter soaps, lotions and moringa powder products were well received in two new shops this week. We’ve planned to head to Ouagadougou next week, with the view to finding even more vendors. We’re hoping the partnerships with these new shops will be long lasting and will help contribute to a sustainable income for the ladies at Kabeela.

Oumar proudly presenting our Kabeela soaps and Shea Butters
The child sponsorship program is another one of Kabeela’s existing projects that we’ve done a lot of work on. With great progress this week, not least due to Aladdin’s new-found mail merging skills, emails have been sent to schools across Europe giving details of our new fundraising initiative. We’re hopeful that we’ll soon be seeing the effects of all the hard work. Our beautifully realised fundraising guides provide some much needed encouragement and inspiration for all of our potential new fundraisers, whilst providing a comprehensive insight into how the child sponsorship scheme can really improve the lives of the children and their families. Have a peek at the links below to find out how it helps. This week we received the funds to send two new children to school for a year, a really exciting prospect when we consider the amount of potential partners we’ve been in touch with this week. With a lot of work still to be done and loads of emails still to be sent, we have a busy few weeks ahead of us, but we’re hopeful that this scheme will be really beneficial for the families of Guilongou.

Having spent a day in the homes of local women this week, projects like this seem really significant. Our day with the women was a really great experience, and a great opportunity to learn more about the burkinabé way of living. Whilst it was really great to learn about the families and their way of life, it must be remarked that tô – the burkinabé’s favourite savoury jelly is probably not best suited to our tastes. However, they taught us how to prepare the gelatinous delight and among other things, we got a good glimpse into a typical rural burkinabé day.  A great time was had by all, and we would love to go back in future.

Katie making tô
In addition, we’ve began work on an entirely new scheme to help raise awareness and fight against the problem of FGM in Burkina Faso. As a completely new project, we’ve had to undertake extensive research to discover how best to tackle a problem deeply rooted in Burkina’s culture. With more meetings this week with various expert organizations, we’re making great progress towards launching a new scheme in Guilongou and the neighbouring villages. With all of our FGM research being collated into an extensive report, the work we’re doing during this cohort will undoubtedly be beneficial for future cohorts’ work.

 All in all, we’ve had a really positive five weeks so far. With four weeks left we've still got plenty of time to do loads of super duper amazing stuff, so be sure to check back here for weekly updates. If you can’t wait that long, check out our Facebook and Twitter now.

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