Friday, August 8, 2014

Soap training

The highlight of this week was definitely the soap training that took place all day on Thursday, thanks to the funding which Kabeela recently received from the International Service Alumni Small Grants Fund. 

 As some of the ingredients needed to be prepared in advance, 
Chantal prepared these the day before:

On the day, she explained to the women the required doses, 
how to mix the ingredients and showed them the mixing process:

Then the women attempted to complete the process again themselves:

Mixing the ingredients

Stirring in the soap with a giant spatula for a few minutes

Putting a plastic canvas sheet on the mould

Pourring the soap into the mould

Letting it cool down for a while

And finally cutting up the soap into smaller pieces

We did it again but this time added some orange colouring in the shea oil

These are the final products once dried overnight!

The other good news

Check out what the women have made out of the material we gave them at the previous crochet session!

The volunteers marketing Kabeela's products have finished the new labels for the shea butter and have had first contact with local shops to sell out them! You can now buy Kabeela Karibeau in several shops in Ziniaré.

And last but not the least, our volunteers working on FGM had two successful meetings in Ouaga with UNICEF and CNLPE (National committee for the fight against FGM), hopefully the networking will pay off!

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