Thursday, October 27, 2016

Cohort 18, Reporting for Duty!

After more than a year of inactivity, International Service and the ICS scheme are back in action at Kabeela in the village of Guiloungou. The first week went smoothly for both UK and In-country volunteers as they adapted to the new environment well and were extremely impatient about starting work.

The host families welcomed us with open arms. Straight away we felt at home and were able to fully immerse ourselves into true Burkinabé culture. The language barrier can make things difficult but it's a good chance to learn some Moore or French!

Women welcome volunteers with a traditional dance

We have started our placement with an unforgettable welcome from the woman of Kabeela, showing of their traditional ‘Warba’ and ‘Liwaga’ dance. All volunteers, even though shy at first, were happy to join in and we all ended up having a fun afternoon. Not forgetting why we are here, we took every opportunity to ask the woman questions about what they need the most and we came up with solutions of how to implement that into our plan.

PLAN! That was the focus of our first week (right after sorting out our workplace), coming up with the budget and planning every step of our ICS journey. It was challenging at first but we all worked extremely well together, researching and coming up with ideas and solutions. Probably thanks to that we were so successful!       

The main activities that we planned include running a theatre club to raise awareness of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and the importance of breastfeeding, additionally we will be doing French lessons for the woman of Kabeela every Tuesday. We'll also conduct Income generating activities. On top of that we will organise an open day, football tournament and many other events for the woman of Kabeela.

Although we anticipate challenges ahead (including learning Moore) the amazing bunch of volunteers who make up Cohort 18 are ready to take on the challenge.

Meet the Team of Cohort 18!


Hi my name is Daouda and I am a 25-year-old in country volunteer with International Service undertaking the ICS programme. I am currently in my fourth year of studies, studying Law at university of Aube Nouvelle (New Dawn University). In my spare time I help my father run his textile shop, in the big market of ‘Bobo Dioulasso’. I also enjoy playing football and reading, above all I enjoy watching films about lawyers. I have chosen to volunteer with International Service because I want to change and improve the quality of life of the woman of Kabeela, minimise the inequality that is present in my country and help others in general. Through this programme I hope to gain personal development, in the form of valuable experience, experience a different culture, meet other people and understand how NGO’s work to help sectors of society that need it the most.

Salut mon nom est Daouda et je suis âgé de 25 ans. Je suis en quatrième année de droit à l’université Aube Nouvelle de Bobo Dioulasso (Université de New Aube). Pendant mes temps libres j'aide mon père à gérer son magasin de textile, au grand marché de Bobo Dioulasso. J'aime   jouer au football et faire de la lecture, surtout j’aime regarder des films juridiques. J'ai choisi de faire du volontariat   avec international service parce que je veux changer et améliorer la qualité de vie des femmes de Kabeela, minimiser l'inégalité qui est présent dans mon pays et aider les autres en général. Grâce à ce programme, j’espère gagner des expériences précieuses pour mon développement personnel, une expérience sur les différentes cultures, rencontrer d'autres gens et de comprendre comment les ONG travail pour aider les secteurs marginalisés de la société.


Hello! My name is Ebou I am 21 years old. I am a student at Koudougous University where I am studying Modern Language (Lettres Modernes). I was a member of an association, aiming to support people and inform them of their rights. In my life, I love to learn, collaborate and share with others. I chose to volunteer with ICS because of the goals of this program and the fact that they are related to what I was doing in the past and what I feel passionate about. I want to help and improve the lives of women, children and young people in order to have a world of equity.

Je me nomme EBOU j’ai 21 ans, je suis étudiante à l’université de KOUGOUDOU j’étudies Lettres   Moderne. J’ai militée dans une association dont l’objectif était de soutenir de façon pratique les populations à connaitre leurs droits. Dans ma vie, j’aime apprendre, collaborer et partager avec les autres. J’ai choisi d’être volontaire ICS parce que le but de ce programme a un rapport avec ce que je faisais et je veux contribuer à améliorer les conditions de vie des femmes, des enfants et jeunes personnes afin d’avoir un monde d’équité.

Marie Christine

Bonjour, my name is Marie Christine, I'm 24 years old, I am a law student at the Polytechnic University of Bobo. In the past I have worked with many associations and I have also studied at a trade school so I am very happy to use my expertise to help the Kabeela organisation especially in income generation activities (IGA). I think I can help a lot of women in their various activities at Kabeela.

Je réponds au nom de Marie Christine, je suis âgée de 24 ans, je suis étudiante en Droit a l’université polytechnique de bobo. J’ai eu à travailler avec beaucoup d’association et je fais pareillement le commerce après l’école donc je très heureuse je faire partir de l’équipe Kabeela car je pense pouvoir aider beaucoup les femmes de Kabeela dans leurs différentes activités je les demande donc de m’aider à pouvoir les aider en échangeant. Mutuellement nos connaissances. Vive ICS, vive Kabeela je vous remercie.


Allo, my name is Lukas and I am 21 years old. I have graduated from Buckinghamshire New University this year, studying Police studies. I have chosen to volunteer with International service on an ICS placement for a number of reasons. Firstly, I want to make a sustainable difference in the lives of people from marginalised communities and contribute to international development. I also want to experience new culture and open my eyes to the issues that we face globally. I consider this experience as a massive learning curve for me, developing myself immensely and learning so much in the process.       

Allo, mon nom est Lukas et je suis âgé de 21 ans. Je suis diplômé de l'Université de New Buckinghamshire, j’étudie les politiques sécurité cette année. J'ai choisi de faire du volontariat avec international service sur un placement de ICS pour un certain nombre de raisons. Tout d'abord, je veux apporter une nouvelle vision dans la vie des personne vivant dans les communautés marginalisées et contribuer au développement international. Je veux aussi avoir de l’expérience nouvelle culture et ouvrir les yeux sur les problèmes auxquels nous sommes confrontés dans le monde. Je considère cette expérience comme une courbe d'apprentissage énorme pour moi, mon développement personnel et l'apprentissage tant dans le processus.

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