About the Project

The Partner:

Kabeela is a women’s association based in Guliongou, Zinare, but also covers 85 surrounding villages. Created in 1997, Kabeela endeavours to benefit the most vulnerable populations, offering them a chance to become sustainably self-reliant. In this way, Kabeela has proven experience of the management of human resources and development projects in the domains of health, education, environment, and civic rights financed by financial and technical partners, such as  UNICEF, APAIB, (Association pour la promotion de l’alimentation infantile au Burkina Faso) FONAENF (Fond National de l’aphabetisation et l’education non formelle), PAMAC (Programme d’Appui au Monde Associatif et Communautaire), UNFPA (Fonds des Nations Unies pour la population).

The Project:

“Kabeela wishes to improve the living conditions of women in a radical way by giving them the opportunity to participate freely in, and be responsible for, the transformation of their communities.” – Suzanne Yameogo (Kabeela President, 2011)

In a nation where women have little say in decisions, both within their community and their homes, Kabeela aims to empower women through conducting revenue generating activities as well as focussing on promoting women's income, health and human rights as well as fighting against poverty at a communal level. 

Kabeela also greatly focusses on health issues posed in communities, most importantly AIDS and HIV through supporting individuals and removing the stereotypes that are presented, increasing the literacy levels of women and aiding their personal income. 

The income generating activities involve the production of hand-made paper bracelets, shea butter, recycled crochet purses and bags, bogolan and soumbala. 

In the future, we hope to be able to supply each member of Kabeela with a Moringa tree sapling, a highly nutritional plant that is extremely beneficial in combatting malnutrition, already very popular in India and parts of Asia, along with creating an income generating activity involving Moringa products.

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